Course Description

UAV Specialist

Mike Morellato, M.Sc., GISP

Instructor info: Mike has been involved in commercial drone work in Canada since 2012, where he first focused on agricultural mapping with UAVs. Since then, he has serviced clients wth drones through: site surveys, forestry applications, promotional media, quarry mapping, riparian survey, spill response and wildfire hotspot mapping.  Mike was first introduced to drones with his background in GIS and mapping technologies, as an affordable way to obtain and analyze high quality data.  In addition to serving clients with drone data products, he also helps to train others on commercial UAV use with a focus on mapping.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    1. Introduction

  • 2

    2. Theory and Concepts Behind UAV Mapping

    • Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing: An Intro

    • Pros and Cons to Mapping with Drones

    • Mediums of Capture

    • UAV Platforms for Mapping

    • Cameras & Sensors for UAVs

    • Manual Flight vs. Autonomous Mapping Missions

    • Flight Planning: Key Concepts

    • Ground Control for UAV Mapping

    • ** Quiz: Theory and Concepts

  • 3

    3. Planning Your Flights

    • Mission Planning: An Overview

    • Flight Planning (Hands-On)

    • Planning Tips & Resources

  • 4

    4. Processing Your UAV Mapping Data

  • 5

    5. Delivering Products to Clients

    • UAV Survey Deliverables

    • Added Value Analysis

    • Presenting Your Data

  • 6

    6. Lessons From the Field

    • UAV Gear that Saves Headaches

    • Battery Management

    • Potential Data Pitfalls, and How to Avoid Them

    • ** Quiz - Product Delivery and Field Tips

  • 7

    7. Conclusion

    • Final tips

  • 8

    8. Exam

    • Final Quiz: Mapping & Surveying With Drones